Mike Ryan, Gunsmith in Rogersville, Tennessee

Gun Repair & Maintenance Services

Get your firearm maintenance and repair services from Mike Ryan, Gunsmith, originally serving the firearms community since 1998 nationwide and welcome your inquiries.  If you do not see the service you want, please ask. I welcome unique and interesting projects.

Repairs / Modifications for most makes and models of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, including muzzleloaders and doubles. Mike Ryan, Professional gunsmith, Rogersville, Tennessee

  • Sight & scope mounting
  • Stock Repair & Refinishing
  • Refinishing
  • Checkering
  • Barrel work
  • Trigger work
  • Ream and tap for screw-in choke tubes
  • Legnthen shotgun forcing cone
  • Raise dent in shotgun ribs & barrels
  • Resolder shotgun ribs
  • Colored inserts for front sights
  • Deep cleaning: disassemble, clean, inspect all parts, test fire.
  • Firearms Transfers and Shipping
  • Firearms Appraisals
  • Firearms And Ammunition Disposal.

For you Practical Rifle Competitors, or anyone who wants to use a Ching Sling,  I can make that center sling stud needed in place of the front action screw.  Direct replacement for the original screw with absolutely no modifications to the rifle.  Made from Grade 8 bolts in blued finish.